Hello!  My name is Sadie and I am a mom of 4 living in the state of Arizona.

I grew up on the east coast of the USA. I was a child in the 80s and a teen in the 90s. When I was a youngster my parents already received negative feedback about how high energy I was, and attention impaired. Back then they did not look at diet or other possible contributing factors, and suggested ritalin at a young age. I am so glad my parents opted for a non medicated approach at first! I had some difficulties at school and was often asked not to return. By the time I graduated high school I had been thrown out of nearly every school I had attended! I credit my awesome high school for assisting me in staying focused enough to get my diploma and even a scholarship to college. I made a smart decision to utilize my scholarship but not get student loans when I was 100% uncertain about what I wanted to do with my future. I left college without a degree and debt free. I chose to bounce around New York city for awhile, mostly homeless, busking for money and fun. I got tired of right angles so I started hitchhiking our great nation. I hiked from sea to shining sea and really enjoyed seeing so much of the country.. I knew even then that I would never be that free again in my life. Only living in the moment. It was wonderful and really gave me a perspective on life I cherish to this day.

During my travels I did have a few boyfriends and ultimately became pregnant with my first child in 2001. We settled in Vermont for what we thought was the time being. I studied natural and unassisted birth but chose to have a midwife first time around. That is a whole ‘nother story for another post. I did end up having 4 kids, and more than half of them were planned homebirths, planned unassisted birth, etc. That is my preference. Again, I will definitely post on this topic in the future.

I learned a love of old time country music and as my babies and I stayed home in the Vermont cold, I learned and practiced a Carter family inspired scratch. Started flatpicking in the year 2002 and haven’t stoppped since. Love keeping that olde timey spirit alive!

I love photography, altho I am an amateur. Expect to see my posts filled with pics. My boyfriend recently got me a new camera and I am loving it so far!!

Nowadays I am a very busy mom of 4. I homeschooled my oldest kids until they miraculously chose school. I have homeschooled them all. My 6 year old is now starting a homeschool enrichment program – it’s kinda like school one day a week. He starts Friday. I’m excited for him and also anxious. Been a homeschooling mom for awhile clearly! My youngest is 3 so I still have some time to adjust and enjoy those fun years with her. I breastfed until each child chose to stop, and only recently did she make that decision!

I have anxiety and I do have many measures I take to allevite that. I meditate, I love creating zentangles in my spare time, I love using cbd to assist my body to deal with the anxieties of daily life. I will talk from time to time about my use of cbd and how much relief it brings to my family. I will talk about my struggles with PTSD, the therapies that I have found effective, etc. I will talk about how I have  freed myself from addictions that grew in the long scary shadows of ptsd and how free and light I feel. What methods worked for me and why. How cbd helps me to maintain sobriety. Both from alcohol and nicotine.